Why is it that when we arrive to certain places, we feel certain emotions. It is true that many times it is influenced by our state of mind. It is true that it is not where we are but the eyes we use to look at things.

photo david lake

And so Africa has something special, you feel alive, you feel serene, you feel energetic . . .

I don’t know you feel in a certain way.

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A bit of unknown History

abandoned town     And so . . . if we go beyond trip advisor, lonely planet, flickr, we follow our nomad “brussola” inside who knows what we can discover . . . This town in the north east corner of Niger was abandoned in the late 1800s following a serious outbreak of Malaria. It was situated at the intersection of major caravan routes. The Arab traveler, Ibn Batuta visited the town and two other nearby towns in the 14th century when it had a population of 2000. Today the only way to get there is across hundreds of miles of trackless desert. It’s name is Djado. A bit of unknown history.

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